Some selected work
Flipkart Wholesale

What I worked on during my time here.

Coming Soon


A portal to help kids manage their school life. Done as part of a design exercise.


I designed and developed an easier way for myself to systematically consume past tweets of Twitter accounts.

Top Tweets

What if Twitter accounts were curated.


Some explorations for a test taking app for engineering entrance examination preparation.

Coming Soon

Other fun side-projects from the past

Stumble Twitter — Discover personal websites, one website at a time.

mColor — An attempt at a game to see if I could train myself to identify colors quicker.

Whatsapp Message Parser — Analyzing Whatsapp chat logs

Firefox Extensions — Stopping Twitter/Facebook from pushing news onto me

Aiyaari — A game made for a course in my undergrad

CS:GO History — 4 years of college in Counter-Strike screenshots

Can You Spot the Square? — Accidentally discovering my colorblindness at 22

A bunch of things I made for myself over a very inspired month back in Feb '19

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