Design Observations #5

Gmail closing the app after you send an email

I observed that Gmail would close the app after I hit send on an email. I absolutely loved this. I couldn’t think of any other app that could be so sure of itself that it would close after a user finished a task.

But while trying to recreate this right now, I found out that it no longer does? And googling showed that people actually complained about this on their forums. Apparently it was a bug? I totally thought it was a feature.

Classic — It isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

Spotify Behavior

When you add a new song to a playlist and then shuffle play it, Spotify plays this last added song first.

If you have a song in a playlist that is on a loop, and then you play another, the new song isn’t on loop anymore and starts shuffling through the playlist instead. Is this expected behavior? Not really, not for me.

Prevalence of Textboxes on the Gojek App

While going through Gojek’s app, I noticed that they had more free-form text-boxes than usual. For example “add notes for your driver”, “add notes for the restaurant”.

While listening to a GoFigure episode, one of their employees mentioned how these free-form text-boxes were a source for product insights. I thought that was a pretty neat way of looking at it. Also, Indonesians

Hearts on TikTok

Double tapping a video on TikTok now causes the hearts to pop up from where you double tapped the screen. Previously, the animation would occur only on the right side where the heart icon is. I liked this change because it made the screen come alive, much more of the screen feels responsive now.

Email Templates

I got an email response back from an mech-keyboard store I’d asked a few questions to. The double quotes felt like I was being mocked. Probably just me but I was reminded that email templates need attention too.


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